Palermo Performance Analyzer Architecture

Palermo Performance Analyzer allows for large scale network measurement from a few nodes, focusing on fine network details as well as large network aggregates.

Large Scale Measurements

●  No need for probes nor software agent deployment to the network edges.

●  Results aggregation in configured traffic combinations, configured size networks, or hosts.

●  Large volume processing: scalable with number of cores, interfaces, and memory.

Flexible Integration

Palermo Performance Analyzer results are accessible from its own Graphical User Interface, and also from Network Management Systems or Analytics Dashboards using several options:

●  SNMP v2c or v3
●  Regular or Big Data DB (Mysql, Postgres, Elasticsearch,...)
●  CSV

Case 1: Content or Transaction Oriented Corp

Management can analyze customer QoE, servers performance, and ISP service level agreement compliance.
Smart Edge Routing based on dynamic performance analysis.
Content or transaction oriented Corporation

Content or transaction oriented Corporation

Case 2: IXP Network

Palermo Performance Analyze has been implemented in the IXP Network of the Argentina Chamber of Internet (CABASE), analyzing traffic among the Internet Service Providers connected to the chamber's Internet Exchange Points (NAPS) and the hosted or connected Content Delivery Networks.
Network of interconnected IXP's

Network of interconnected IXP's

Case 3: University

Palermo Performance Analyzer has been implemented in the University of Palermo (UP), processing traffic among its campuses and the Internet, analyzing the students QoE, the servers performance, and the Service Level Agreements compliance.
University Network

University Network

Case 4: CPE's and non centralized traffic

Coporations installing customer premise equipment handling traffic between their customers and the Internet, not passing through their network or servers, can deploy the Palermo Performance Analyzer in small devices such as Converged Network Appliances or hosts. And then consolidate the analyzers results from centralized Network Management Systems or Analytics Dashboards.
Customer premise equipment and non-centralized traffic

Non centralized traffic