Palermo Performance Analyzer

Palermo Performance Analyzer is a communications performance analyzer, for Corporations, Internet Service Providers, and Internet Exchange Points.

What is unique about Palermo Performance Analyzer?

Throughput Limitations Analysis
Actual User Quality of Experience (QoE) Measurement
Very Large Traffic Volume Processing
Networks and Servers Passive Performance Analysis from a Single Node
Obtains Network Insights from the Behavior of All Connections

About Palermo Performance Analyzer

Palermo Performance Analyzer follows all connections in the observed traffic. It determines for each of them the cause for the limitation for its transmission rate increase: the network, the sender data generation rate, or the receiver flow control.

Palermo Performance Analyzer tracks retransmissions, reordering, round trip times, and throughput for all connections. By focusing throughput measurements on flows being limited by the network, it measures available capacity.

Palermo Performance Analyzer consolidates its metrics based on combinations of configured groups of source and destination networks, or based on individual networks or hosts, and also by individual connections.

Palermo Performance Analyzer also follows asymmetric traffic, inferring unobserved traffic volume from reverse traffic.

Palermo Performance Analyzer can also measure server response times. And detects denial of service (DOS) attacks.

Palermo Performance Analyzer obtains all its results using the real user's traffic, getting the actual user quality of experience (QoE), while generating no test traffic.

Palermo Performance Analyzer can process large traffic volumes, being used both by small and large corporations and Internet Service Providers.

Palermo Performance Analyzer can integrate with routing infrastructure in order to implement performance-based Smart Routing.


For Corporations

When communications are critical to the business success, Palermo Performance Analyzer is key for analyzing and auditing servers, networks, and applications in order to assure the customers quality of experience.
It can also integrate with routing infrastructure to implement Smart Routing.

For Internet Service Providers

Palermo Performance Analyzer is the most valuable tool to completely monitor the ISP network, analyzing all communications from a few installation points, helping pinpoint problems in the ISP network, in its peers and transport providers, and even on its customer networks.

For Internet Exchange Points

Palermo Performance Analyzer handles large scale measurements and analysis, helping debug members routing policies and access links, measuring asymmetric traffic, and even helping member ISP's debug problems in their own networks.


Palermo Performance Analyzer is being used in IXP's at the Argentine Chamber of Internet (CABASE) NAPS, analyzing traffic exchanged by member ISP's and CDN's, and by universities and important corporations to ensure customer QoE and access services quality.